Willow Tree

Willow tree figurines by DEMDACO are one of the most sought after home accessories for a good reason. The emotion conveyed by them is so very powerful because of the subtle nature of each one. Lacking facial expressions, the figurines by willow tree are meant to allow each individual to see themselves in it. Feelings are conveyed by the body language and slight gestures of the willow tree figures so that viewers can find their own meaning in every one. These gentle angel figurines are often a source of comfort to the people who possess them and one of inspiration to all who see them. They are a natural and beautiful way to represent more than feelings; they represent our faith, our love, and our belief in His divine presence while lending their charm and beauty to our homes. An amazing array of emotions and tender moments are expressed in all of the willow tree figures we have available. The artist Susan Lordi, has created figurines that can be used as a gift, a thank you or a remembrance in someone’s life. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.